Thursday, January 21, 2016

old news! + follow me on instagram

Hi there!

I hope your 2016 is going well so far!  It's been quite awhile since my last update here.  Last year I embarked on an exciting new venture, something I have been wanting to do for a long time (and alluded to in my last post with the mention of "other plans" for my Cabbage Moon site).

In late spring of 2015 I opened an online retail store, Cabbage Moon, and filled it with some of my favorite things for women, kids, and the home (I might add 'men' to that list soon!).  I'd had the idea  of this floating around for quite awhile but first pictured Cabbage Moon as a brick and mortar.  Then I realized I could essentially create the same store, just online, and I dove in!  And since then I've been loving running Cabbage Moon.  Here's a peek at the home page:

And in addition to online, I also regularly have a stall with Cabbage Moon items at the Barton Creek Farmers Market, and I'm really enjoying that time for in-person sales.  I plan to continue with that as long as weather permits (I may not be there in the hotter months).  I am looking forward to 2016 as a year for expansion of my business, and this month I've been working on restocking as well as adding some new items that I'm really excited about. 

I don't know how often I'll be posting here on Chou Lune anymore but Instagram has become my new friend, and I share photos there now daily, both personal and store related. So you can follow me there if you like, @cabbagemoon, and as you can see my feed also shows up in little thumbnails right over there on the side bar ------- >

That is all!  Happy New Year everyone!


P.S. / Edit to add: Oh yeah, Cabbage Moon is also on Facebook: If you are too, do me a favor and like my page!  Please and thank you :)


Friday, May 15, 2015

blog news + spring post (including bluebonnet madness!!)

If you look over at the blog archive you might notice there's a bunch of new posts.  For awhile now, ever since I started Chou Lune, I've been dividing my blog posts between here and my first blog I started a few years prior, Cabbage Moon.  But I now have other plans for my Cabbage Moon site and so have moved all those posts over here and added them to Chou Lune, which will now be the only home for my personal blog.  There might be some duplicate photos here and there since some I think I shared both places, but other than that the transition has been pretty seamless.  Here's some of what we've been up to this spring...

A photographer friend took these photos at The Salt Lick (BBQ place).

 I know, I know, I'm not smiling!  Whoops.  Love these photos though :)

And here we are on Easter.

 Neva drawing.

 Cool morning in the back yard.

 Emilio watering the garden one afternoon.

 On our front porch, Emilio trying on shoes.

 My kids always have crazy hair!

 Petting zoo at the farmers market.

So this is the bluebonnet madness!  I'd never seen so many.

  Happy May!  I hope to be back with more soon...