Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I am not the only one who's recently made macaroons, and for good reason. They are SO GOOD. And really quick and easy to make, atleast with the recipe I used (thanks to Angry Chicken). I already had all the ingredients on hand--plain shredded coconut, sugar, chocolate chips, eggs (just the whites), vanilla, and salt. I was really happy with the effect of the big milk chocolate chips I used in place of semisweet chocolate chunks. The milk chocolate made for a very Almond Joy-like deliciousness (but way better than Almond Joy). I think next time I'll go even further with the imitation and add almonds and maybe even melt the chocolate over the coconut lumps. And I'm curious to try alternative sweetener versions, like maybe with maple syrup. After tasting the mixture before baking I was worried they'd be too sweet, and they did turn out really sweet, but in a really good way. Like coconut crack. Crack cocainut. After recently making the blandest banana bread ever and just okay shortbread cookies, it felt good to finally have a baking success.

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