Sunday, March 22, 2009


This week I grew alfalfa sprouts from seed. I found the sprouting seeds in the bulk section at a health food store (Central Market, and I've also seen them at Whole Foods) and found sprouting instructions on-line. I used a wide-mouth Mason quart jar and covered the top with a piece of loosely-woven cotton fabric, which I held in place with just the ring part of the 2-piece screw-on lid that came with the jar. On day 1 I put the seeds in the jar (2 tablespoons), covered them completely with water, and soaked them for five hours. Then I drained the water as best I could and put them in a cabinet overnight. The next day the seeds had tiny little white nubs poking out of them. I turned the jar on its side and kept it in the cabinet with little light, only taking it out twice a day to rinse the seeds (I think I accidently only rinsed once one of the days, but they survived). This morning, on day 5, they were pretty much ready. As a final step, I put them on the window sill in indirect light for a couple of hours. Then I ate some on a sandwich, and now they're in the fridge. Overall they were very easy to grow. The trickiest part is draining after you rinse but I managed and they turned out just fine.
Day 1
Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5 (Ready!)

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  1. yowza! i've been addicted to sprout sandwiches lately, i should try that...