Monday, April 13, 2009

In the Ground (and Pots)

After soaking them in water overnight (per the planting instructions), I planted these morning glory seeds this weekend.

I set up trellises and planted them in the ground below three adjacent windows along the same wall, hoping they will climb up and shade the windows with their foliage. I'm a little worried the area might not be sunny enough, it only gets afternoon sun, but we'll see. I wasn't planning on planting anything this spring, but after a trip to a nursery last week it seemed like a good idea. The friends I was with were picking out tomato plants so I grabbed a couple too, and now they each have their own big pot by the front porch.

This one is a Cherokee Purple and the other is called Brandywine, both heirloom varieties.

Update (6.26.10) - Sadly, my tomatoes didn't make it. At one point it looked like one lone tomato might pull through, but it ended up being a sacrifice of our summer vacation, during which time it was without adequate water. The morning glories were successful enough, but didn't create quite as dense a cover as I thought they might (but they also could have used more water, so I'm sure would have thrived more had they had it). We did end up with a bit of nice basil planted from seed.

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