Friday, April 3, 2009

Shoebox Solution

In my continuing efforts to baby-proof I most recently took on the task of handling all the crazy jumbled wires and cables underneath my computer area. Part of my solution was bringing a lot of the jumble up onto my desk, out of baby's reach. This looked hideous of course, so I made a shoe box prettier by covering it with fabric and am using it to hold most of the mess.

The wires go in the box through a hole I cut. Actually there are two holes, one on each end, so that some wires can travel through the box and come out the other side. Of course I also had to cut holes in the fabric, and this part could have been done a bit more neatly, but I was being quick about it and you barely see this part of the box anyway, so I'm fine with it.

I think this project turned out just swell. I'd like to give this treatment (minus the holes) to more shoe boxes I use for storage.


  1. This is brilliant! You should see the depressing mess of cords I have going on! Right on the breakfast bar of my kitchen!

  2. Thanks! Ha ha, I know, isn't it awful how unruly cords are? Seriously, they are so difficult to make look nice and neat. Enrique's computer space still has a lot of cord nastiness going on, so that's next.