Monday, May 25, 2009

Fried Chicken

I made this fried chicken a few weeks ago, but instead of using the called for 2 quarts of vegetable oil, I substituted 1 pint of coconut oil. I chose that amount because it seemed like the least I could get away with, and coconut oil is precious (and expensive). It turns out this amount worked fine, and I was relieved that I could reduce the oil by that much and still be successful. I strained and saved the leftover oil, which amounted to a little over half of what I started with, and have since used it for stir fry (it's kind of murky and chickeny but fine for certain things). As far as the fried chicken went, it was pretty good. The coconut oil imparts very little, if any, coconut flavor. I might try out a different frying/cooking method in the future, just to experiment. Enrique says that finishing off the chicken in the oven results in a crispier, less greasy fried chicken.

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