Sunday, May 10, 2009

Is that egg on your shirt?

I gave this shirt to Enrique on Friday for his birthday. There is no particular significance to it, in fact I eat more eggs than he does. I was originally going to also do two strips of bacon (in red gingham) and stitch the outline of a pan, but after sewing on the eggs first I decided I liked it just like that. More quirky and interesting I think (also, as cute I thought gingham bacon would be, I was kind of questioning the manliness of it). The T-shirt is from a thrift store and the eggs are made from fabric scraps (well, the white is anyway, the yellow I actually bought a tiny piece of new fabric just for this project).

They are a bit lumpy, which I could have avoided had I used some kind of iron-on stuff to fuse the fabrics together before sewing, but I'm still happy enough with how it turned out. More realistic this way, ya know?

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