Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day Paper Cut (#1)

This was made for Enrique's mom for Mother's Day. I am not sure how soon I will attempt something this intricate again, it was so darn tedious, all those little holes. You can whip out something simpler that still looks very nice in a tenth of the time it took me to do this one. But I pictured the recipient liking something pretty and lacy looking, so I chose this design, which I sort of made up (I modified an existing pattern I'd seen in a book). It turned out looking more like a Valentine's doily than I realized it would, but I also think it looks grandmotherly, which is good. There are actually three layers of paper here -- the cream background, followed by a layer of tracing paper (which the quote is written on), and then the paper cut itself. I was having such a hard time getting my handwriting to look how I wanted but I was set on having the quote handwritten and not typed. After many failed attempts at writing it out in the best handwriting I could muster, I finally had the idea to type it, print it, and trace it. Genius! It worked fabulously, looks perfect but still has the handwritten charm I wanted, and I really like the effect the layer of tracing paper adds (not that I couldn't have traced the type directly onto the background paper, it just wouldn't have been quite as easy). My mom received a very different one but it was decided that hers needs a few more finishing touches. I had trouble coming up with an appropriate quote for hers so I didn't use one at all, but now I know what to put. And it may need a few more cut details too, so I'll wait to show that one.

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