Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Dolly

I made this with a little girl in mind that I'll be seeing this weekend in Houston. It's not quite perfect but it turned out pretty well. I'm still refining the pattern (er, the execution of the pattern mostly) and working out some kinks, like head lumpiness and differences in arm length. I still haven't tried to make any clothes (human, not doll), so atleast my sewing machine is getting some action.

I've been drooling over these cookie recipes but am really trying to be good in the health department and lay off the sugar for awhile. Lately, when I feel like a sweet treat, I've been turning to fresh fruit, a homemade nut bar, or a small bowl of nuts and dried fruits, and I'd like to keep it up! But eventually I will try these out, maybe the "Vanillekipferl" first. I like the sound of all that almond meal and they look similar to butter cookies, which Enrique really likes.

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