Monday, June 8, 2009

Better than it looks...

Last night I made this big batch of green curry vegetables to last throughout the week. This is not the most flattering photo but it's actually quite good. It can be served as a soup or ladled over rice. I don't have a recipe but I just followed a few guidelines, most of them pointers from my aunt who makes this dish frequently.
(1) Start out with a few tablespoons of Mae Ploy green curry paste (available at asian markets--watch out, this stuff is spicy!), a small splash of fish sauce (also available at asian markets), and a bit of coconut oil, sauteing them all together for a few minutes before adding the first batch of chopped vegetables (the ones with the longest cook-time). (If desired, meat can be added at this point, too.)
(2) Make the broth from about one half canned coconut milk and one half soup stock, such as canned chicken broth (in this case I actualy made a broth from celery hearts and shrimp shells).
(3) Sweeten just a bit with sucanat (which I think I might should be calling "evaporated cane juice" but I am not sure. I've just always called it sucanat.).
(4) Salt to taste with fish sauce.
(5) When the soup is done but still hot, add a good amount of torn basil leaves.

Speaking of, the basil I'm growing from seed is looking good.

But there are too many plants in the pot; it definitely needs thinning but I'm reluctant to do so because I don't want any to go to waste. I may try transplanting instead, even though that is probably crazy and they will die anyways. My tomato plants, on the otherhand, are not looking so fierce. I am not sure what the deal is with them and don't know if they'll produce any tomaters at all. My morning glories, though, are doing okay (some areas better than others) and starting to bloom here and there, but they aren't creating quite the greenery coverage I had in mind.

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