Monday, June 29, 2009

Diversion & "Garage Sale"

In preparation for the trip I took to Houston a few weeks back I dug out my somewhat forgotten Game Boy, figuring it would serve as decent entertainment for the car ride. Of course I didn't turn it on once during the Houston trip, but since then I've developed a bit of a habit. Instead of cooking, cleaning, or otherwise being productive, lately I can be found lying on the couch playing Ms. Pac-Man. With temperatures in the triple digits this is not a bad way to pass the time. On Sunday I did manage to step foot out of my air-conditioned abode to check out the City-Wide Garage Sale (held indoors, thankfully). Not really a garage sale, but rather a market of antique/vintage vendors. When we (the mister, the babe, and I) walked in I was immediately met with heaping piles of inexpensive vintage linens--napkins, table cloths, pillow cases, etc. I didn't have it in me to dig through it all (there was A LOT), so I quickly found just a few things I liked, including this cute little handkerchief, and moved on.

My first stop turned out to be the highlight of the market, and I didn't come across much else I wanted, but Enrique bought a record on the way out.

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