Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I love glass jars and use them all the time, mostly for food storage and beverage containers. Lacking proper glasses, awhile back I got in the habit of drinking from quart jars. And from rice to raisins, almost everything in my pantry is in a jar. I often shop the bulk/bin (whatever you want to call it) section at the grocery store, and then transfer these purchases to jars when I get home. It makes things much more manageable (easy to find, easy to dispense) and is much nicer to look at than a pile of plastic bags. But I didn't have any tiny jars until now. I came across these at an estate sale (the same one where I got my grandma couch). They were piled in with some larger jars in a free box so I took 'em all. At first I didn't know what I'd do with the tiny jars but then I realized Duh! Store tiny things in them. So here we have some loose buttons, thumbtacks, push-pin tacks, and an odds and ends jar (loose screws and other wierd little things that appear to belong somewhere but I don't know where). On a somewhat unrelated note, this is a quote from my mother in response to something I said about my blog: "They're not gonna read your blob anyway." Blog, mom. BLOG. I know it can be a bit on the mundane side sometimes (like today), but come on.

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