Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Ratatouille and other tomato happenings.

I originally had eggplant parmesan in mind for these eggplants but I was lacking a few of the other key ingredients, so when another opportunity for their demise came up, I took it. Until yesterday, I really had no clue what ratatouille was (my first guess was a type of pasta), but a friend of mine cleared that mystery up when she served me some for lunch. I was impressed with the simple, tasty dish and since I had all the ingredients at home I made a batch of my own that same night.

I opted for an easy preparation, first sauteing the onion, bell pepper, and tomato, then adding the zucchini, eggplant, and garlic and continuing to cook until all the veggies were tender. I didn't use any herbs (because that was how I'd tried it earlier in the day), used a moderate amount of olive oil, and added salt and pepper to taste. I was pretty happy with it, and Zoë didn't seem opposed, but I won't speak for the rest of the household (who ordered pizza instead!). In his defense, I didn't make anything but salad to go with it, so maybe the meal was too light on calories for some.

Remember my tomato plants (that most recently weren't doing too well)? Well one of them is still in pretty bad shape, but the other actually looks kind of okay and, miraculously, has a tomato on it! Here it is today, just after a nice morning downpour that cooled things off just a bit.

Considering the typical price of heirlooms at the grocery store, I figure if this one tomato makes it and grows to be pretty good-sized, then at least that about covers the cost of the two plants. In the meantime, we've been pilfering (off my mom's plant) delicious little yellow-orange cherry tomatoes, of which Zoë's quite fond. She'll eat a whole one unless, I discovered today, you give her more than one at a time, in which case...

Added note (6.26.10): Tomato update at the end of this post.

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