Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bulk Bin Bags

I just sewed these up to use for shopping from the bulk bins at the grocery store. You know, for dry stuff like rice and beans and things, which is what the little stuff I decorated the bags with is supposed to be. When I get home from the store, I'll transfer my goods from the bags to storage jars, which is what I normally do anyway. I originally had it in mind to make some of these for produce, too, but in the end didn't see the point. The things that don't need individual bags at home, like onions and apples, I just don't bag at the store in the first place, and the things that do need them, like cherries and lettuce, well, they need them to stay fresh longer and I don't think a cloth bag in the fridge would cut it. This is unfortunate, having to rely on plastic bags like that, but I don't see a way around it. I do try to re-use them, but they usually don't last too long (if something gets left in one too long I usually don't want to mess with washing the slimy ick out, and this happens more often than I'd like to admit). So remember how I was struggling with my first buttonhole awhile back? Well, it wasn't for clothing (unfortunately, still haven't progressed in that department), it was actually for the drawstrings for these bags, and I finally figured it out and can make buttholes (Update: oh my word, that was not what that was supposed to say! What is wrong with me??) with ease now!

And I got a chance to try out my new fabric markers for the first time on these bags. Even though I think embroidery would be way cuter, the idea is to keep the bags as lightweight as possible, so markers seemed the way to go. Or just plain, they look very nice plain too. I became obsessive at the craft store about getting every single color of marker, so I did, except for this one peach-y shade, which in order to get, I would have had to buy an entire 6-pack of colors, 5 of which I already had. Hopefully missing that color will not haunt me too much. Or they'll have it in stock in singles next time.

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