Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some things I've eaten recently...

A very good farmers market chicken roasted with olive oil, salt, and fresh thyme (courtesy of the mister).

Lots of salads.

Fresh organic raspberries (very good deal at CostCo right now) with maple syrup-sweetened local fromage blanc (thanks to a friend!).

(Yes, more) Homemade ice cream. This time strawberry, served here topped with whipped cream (organic strawberries are also a very good deal at CostCo right now) . I used this recipe from Gourmet magazine but I substituted the called for 3/4 cups sugar for 1/2 cup dark agave nectar, and it turned out really good. Better even than my last "best yet."

Lastly, and what this post really wouldn't be complete without because of how often I've been eating it, pizza.

I'm not too happy about this, but oh, the cheesy goodness. It's the latest crack of my diet, now that sugar's been out of the picture for awhile (I stopped eating it a couple months ago following a pact made with my mom and aunt). I blame this on Enrique. Not the sugar ban, the pizza habit. If it were healthier pizza (i.e., thinner, maybe whole wheat crust, less cheese, organic ingredients, that kind of thing) it wouldn't be such an issue, but this is your standard American pizza, and it has been tasting like just the most delicious thing in the world to me lately. We usually get Papa John's but this slice here is actually from CostCo, where you can get a giant take-out pizza pie for $9.99. I really do hope to move on from this obsession soon, though.

So we are off on our big east coast trip soon, in just 3 days in fact. So you may not hear from me much (or at all) between now and when we get back. Or maybe you will, we'll see.

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