Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Shopping

I just got a pair of these, Salt Water sandals, made in the USA and not too expensive (especially gently used on Ebay!).
This photo really doesn't do them justice, the one here does a much better job (which is where I first saw them). The pair I just got:

They are great but red would have been my first choice, so maybe I will get that color too sometime down the road.


  1. Hey Alex, it's cassie from AHS. I love these sandals, and if you can believe it I scored a wee pair for Mae for $1 at the local thrift store! yeah!

    Your blog is wonderful, and of course, your girl is adorable.

  2. Hey Cassie, good to hear from you! Wow, what a score on the sandals! They are definitely cutest on a little girl, but I love them for myself too (in fact, I went a little crazy and already bought 2 more pairs! Black and red, this time).