Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baking with Agave

At first I was slow to get on the agave bandwagon, but lately it's become my alternative sweetener of choice. Its strong sweetness and mild flavor make it a great sugar subsititute, as I've learned using it in ice cream recipes and, most recently, baked goods. Here we have apple upside-down cake (recipe modified from the one in the latest Cook's Illustrated):

And (recipe also modified) blackberry peach cobbler :

Now it's not a straight swap, less agave nectar is needed than the amount of sugar called for (for the cobbler I halved it) and sometimes more dry ingredients are needed. But I found it really easy to make these changes and get a good outcome. I was not super specific about what I did, just taste tested along the way, and everything came out just fine.

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