Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pad Thai! (and other Asian fare)

You can't really make out the noodles under all that garnish, but they're there (well, were there, anyway). And really good! I'd thought about making Pad Thai a number of times but it always seemed intimidating and I doubted my ability to make something resembling what might be served in a Thai restaurant (even though I'm usually disappointed in the Thai restaurants I go to). Boy was I wrong. To toot my own horn a bit, this pad thai was the best I've had in Austin, and I think as good as any I've ever had. It tasted like it was supposed to, but better. I used this recipe and this recipe as references, and mostly followed the former (a vegetarian recipe, but mine wasn't vegetarian--it contained fish sauce, shrimp, and shrimp stock). Along with the traditional garnishes, I also added some choice sides: broccoli, green beans, and baby corn. DEE-licious! And earlier that very same day, a few friends and I made spring rolls and sushi. I actually didn't end up rolling any sushi myself, but I did do a couple of spring rolls, including this lumper here.

The sushi was eaten with soy sauce, and the spring rolls with a peanut sauce like this one here, and the chile sauce here, a perfect combo. I also made an asian slaw (found here), which was pretty good. I don't know what is with the asian food craze around here lately--there was the bibimbop, then Uchi, and now all this--but I'm not complaining!

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