Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A bachelorette dinner at Uchi last week Thursday marked the beginning of what has felt like a really long, whirlwind weekend. There was this dinner, then a little party afterwards, then the wedding the next morning, and also much additional socializing with all the old friends in town for the festivities. Plus Enrique's bro's birthday was Friday, and him and his lady were in town for the weekend. All really fun, but whew! This little homebody isn't used to all that. But back to Uchi!

Which, wow, was really good. Expensive, yes (it came out to $78 per person total, which included drinks), but well worth it. I'm already plotting my return. I've decided occasional outings to nice restaurants need to become a more regular part of my life. Instead of pretty frequent mediocre meals out, we could be saving that money and putting it towards the occasional really good meal instead. Our whole table shared almost everything we ordered, so I tried so many things some of it is kind of a blur, but it was all really good.

Pictured below is (as described on the menu):
uchiviche salmon, striped bass, vine-ripened tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, garlic and cilantro

And I have no idea what this next one is, but it was definitely delicious!

And this one I ordered myself, but I can't recall the type of fish. I do know it had kind of charred skin, and the things around it are asian pears, tomatillos, onion, and huckleberry, and I think some kind of special salt was somewhere in there too.

And this one was (as described on the menu):
scallop hot rock with orange oil and san baizu

(you cook the scallop yourself on a hot rock!)

There were many other delicious dishes as well, these were just the few I got photos of. And here are a few of the girls in attendance, including the bride-to-be at the head of the table, who looked amazing in this Anthropologie dress, also pictured below.

(Photo from Anthropologie's website)

It was actually somehow even way cuter in person, and really made me want to go shopping there. But right now I really need to be economizing and working more on sewing my own things, which I actually am making a tiny bit of progress on now (it's sort of a garment--will show soon!).

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