Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nature Magnets

AKA "easiest magnets to make ever," because all I did here was glue a magnet on each of these different little nature finds--two shells, two acorns, and a lightweight (lava?) rock.

These came about because I wanted some magnets I could put on the fridge at toddler-level for Zoë to play with. Unfortunately they don't really hold up to the rigors of her play (she throws them on the floor and the magnets fall off), plus I don't know that the glue I used should be on something that might wind up in her mouth. But I am fairly certain they will hold up just fine for normal adult (or older child) use. I've successfully made some with both super glue and hot glue gun glue, and am sure E-6000 or similar would work well, too. Maybe even Elmer's would be fine, which might be preferable since it is not stinky and toxic like E-6000. Here a couple of them are flipped over so you can see the little magnets.

Which, by the way, are the best magnets ever! Tiny and strong. "Neodymium" magnets, they're called, and they're available on Ebay in all different shapes and sizes. For this type of project, I like the round ones that are 1/4" x 1/16." I also have some thicker ones (1/8") and they are almost too strong, but would be good if you're working with heavier objects.

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