Monday, December 7, 2009

Crispy Almonds (Spoiler #1)

These past few days I've been making batch upon batch of the crispy almonds I mentioned a couple months ago. The recipe is from Nourishing Traditions but can also be found on-line. They are so good, but I've found that when I follow the recipe exactly they don't come out quite as salty as I'd like. So for my next batches I may adjust the amount of salt in the soaking water, but for the ones I've already made, they were easily (and greatly) improved by the addition of a little more salt and a little bit of olive oil. I did this with Marcona almonds in mind, which they now resemble in greasiness. I think coarse salt would be nice too, in place of the regular-sized stuff, but I didn't have any on hand, and regular (which, in this case, was this kind) worked just fine.

These almonds are one of a number of hand and home made things I'll be gifting for the holidays. I've been pretty good this year about starting gift preparations early, and I'm pretty excited about a lot of them, which I'll be revealing here in the days to come. (Sorry to spoil the surprise for any recipients. I also won't be using wrapping paper this year so, ha! Maybe I'll even come over to your house on Christmas Eve and rip all your presents open for you and then push you into the fireplace!)

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