Thursday, December 17, 2009

More Ornaments (Spoiler #3)

I am up in the wee hours and was about to work on completing a sewing project when I realized my (my mom's) iron is back at my mom's house. So I will take this time instead to share Spoiler #3 of this year's holiday gifties.

Acorn Christmas tree ornaments. Yes, they go back on the tree (but not the trees from whence they came, as they are a little lost). These were fun to make until my needle started to give out on me and my fingers were sore from forcing said needle through the acorn tops. See, the tops easily separated from the rest of the acorn, so I pushed a threaded needle through to make a loop come out the top, then re-attached them with glue to the acorn body. Got it? These are from the same batch of acorns as those used for the nature magnets. I am still playing around with different decorating methods for these little guys, which brings me to my new gold pen. It was the priciest one ($9, but minus 40% because you can always find 40% off coupons for Michael's on-line, just Google it), but well worth it. I tested the others at the store and the results just didn't look near as good. This one is like liquid gold leaf. It's even called something like that--"gold leafing pen." Love it.


  1. Wow very cute. I love them

  2. Thanks! I just found something similar I'd also like to try sometime: