Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby's New (old) Book and Very Own Table

(These photos remind me a lot of another blogger's children's book posts...seeped into my subconscious, maybe.)

I found this old copy of "The ABC Bunny" awhile ago at a used book store and have had it tucked away since. Most of the pages are lightly stained and a couple are in pretty bad shape, but just a couple, and it was only $1 and is very nicely illustrated. It is by the same author and illustrator as "Millions of Cats," which I definitely remember from my own childhood. When I got it, the book seemed a little too large for Zoë to handle herself. But now, and with the aid of her very own little table, she's really enjoying it. (You may recognize the table from Christmas; that's when she got it.)

(Yes, that's a bit of polka-dotted drawn-on modesty there.)


  1. we love the ABC Bunny here!!
    cute polka dots too : )

  2. Thanks! Yeah, it sure is a cute book, isn't it?