Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting and Giving

Image source: etsy.com

This post the other day on Molly's lovely blog led me to the "Craft Hope for Haiti" Etsy shop, where crafters are donating items that are then put up for sale, with all proceeds going to Doctors Without Borders for thier work in Haiti. (Craft Hope, which is, incidentally, run just outside Austin, also has other charitable projects going on that you can read about over on thier website. The name sounds so familar; I'm sure this is a party I'm a little late to, but it's new to me and I'm just glad to have found it). I definitely will be making something to contribute to the shop, but in the meantime I did my duty as a consumer and made a purchase--the sweet little deer pull toy pictured above. The animal is made of papier-mache which is then mounted on a wooden base, and it turns out there is actually a tutorial on how to make these on Martha Stewart's website. How cool, I'd love to make one myself, but I don't have most of the supplies on hand, including the drill, so this project will be going on a back burner for now.
Update: It was remiss of me in this post to not more directly credit the crafter who made this fantastic toy (and only mention Martha Stewart instead!), especially when she called me a rock star (in our near identical-looking posts)! My apologies. Her name is Katie Steuernagle and, in addition to her tutorial on Martha's site, she can also be found here. And although I linked to where I sourced the photo, the real credit for it belongs to her. Many, many thanks to Katie for her donation; I can't wait to get it! She's way more the rock star.

Another way to help out that I came across in the last few days is through buying and selling on Ebay. That link takes you to a page where you can browse through items for sale with part or all of the proceeds going to organizations providing help to Haiti. Or, if you have something you'd like to sell, you can opt to give anywhere from 10-100% of the sale to any of Ebay's many listed non-profit organizations. It's pretty easy to post an item, and a good way to give without really feeling the loss from your pocket book.

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  1. That deer pull toy is HOT! Haha. It's me, Katie! I made it! It looks beautiful on your blog and I can't wait for your little girl to get it! It's on its way! Thank you, you rock star!

    And the pics of Austin, oh, my heart. I miss it!