Friday, January 15, 2010

Greens, Greens, Greens (and other good stuff, too)!

I've had juicing on my mind, usually shoved way back in a corner somewhere, for some time now. But seeing this the other day was just what I needed to be prompted into action. Lucky for me this didn't mean me having to buy a juicer (not that I wouldn't love to own one, but it's far from a priority right now). All I had to do was pull out my mom's, dust it off, and get to juicing.

This juicer is pretty awesome, and I just read on their website that it can also be used to make nut butter! I just might have to do that. But back to the juicing. For my first concoction, I combined cucumber, celery, spinach, apple, beet, and ginger. It was fine, but really it tasted mostly beety and kind of dirty (as in, like dirt). So the next day I put a little more thought into it and used apple, spinach, parsley, mint, and ginger, a combo which turned out particularly delicious. I'll still make and enjoy more dirty, beety ones in the future--I'll pretty much drink fresh juice any which way, and don't want to miss out on the different nutrients available in different foods--but especially yummy ones are still especially appreciated. And if the baby will drink some, that's always a plus (which she kind of did with the second one--a few sips). I'm on day four now of fresh juice daily, and I hope to keep it up. For tomorrow's I want to incorporate aloe vera.

All these greens brought to mind this cute song (click on track 10, "Greens," from the list on the right), that I saw performed live once and loved. You can also hear it (and see the folksy cuteness of the singers) on YouTube, but the recording is not that great.

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