Monday, January 25, 2010

Into the Light

Two completely unrelated but interesting things I've recently seen:

1.) The art exhibition (of the same name as this post title) of my uber talented artist friend Christine Gray. It's going on right now over at the Okay Mountain art gallery here in Austin and will be running through February 13th (for anyone who's interested in checking this out, you can check the Okay Mountain website for gallery hours).

2.) A speech given by Jim Marrs, conspiracy journalist extraordinaire.

I have only very recently heard of him, but have been indirectly familar with some of his work for years—the Oliver Stone movie "JFK" (such a great movie) was partially based on a book he wrote on John F. Kennedy's assassination. His ideas likely seem pretty farfetched to some, but hey, people used to think the earth was flat, so who knows. I'm mostly of the mindset that many things are possible and there's not really much I know completely for sure, and I found what Mr. Marrs had to say certainly worthy of my time and consideration.

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