Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meet Agnes

This is my new (obviously old) sewing machine, and I am pretty beside myself about it. I might just be kidding about naming it; I just typed that on a whim. I like the idea of naming inanimate objects, like I've always wanted a name for my car, but they just never seem to stick. Does anyone else have a name for thier sewing machine? Or car?

What I had before was also a Singer, but a much newer, cheap-y (a little under $200) one I bought new just over a year ago and which began to break down on me about a month ago, during my Christmas sewing projects. And I really hadn't put many miles on it—pretty much everything I've sewn with it I've shown here on this blog, and it does not amount to much. So, piece of junk, if you ask me. Cool thing is, I bought it at CostCo and they have just about the most liberal return policy ever known to man and will allow me to return it, over a year later, used and broken, for a full refund, which will more than cover what I spent on this used one I just bought off Craigslist.

As you can see in the close-up pictures, it's kinda grimy, but I think I can clean quite a bit of that up. It didn't come with a manual or any attachments, and I don't know much about all the knobs and things, but I think I can start here in figuring out and finding those things. As far as I know it works fine and was serviced recently. It was actually my mom who did the leg work and found this machine, and she got the sense that this particular model has somewhat of a following, so that's a good sign. But what really sold me on this machine was when I tried it out. Being a pretty novice sewer, I don't fully get how different one machine can be from another, and have always been a little perplexed by the huge price disparity there is among sewing machines that seem to offer basically the same features. But today, sewing on this machine, I was blown away by how different it felt from the pile of poo one I've been using the past year. It was like there was butter in there somewhere! What I'm saying is, smooooooth. So, I'm pretty happy at this turn of events and reminded how, sometimes, what starts off as a bad thing can really be a blessing in disguise. Thanks Mom.

Update: Speaking of sewing, I just saw these new fabric samples from Heather Ross and am freaking out, I love them so much! And I don't think I've ever seen the "Part 1" of these, now I have to go look at those, too. I generally buy really cheap fabric, cheaper than what these are going to cost, but I've been having all these fancy fabric visions dancing in my head lately that I don't know if I can shake!


  1. i love agnes for an old sewing machine! that's funny my mom just gave me her old brother brand sewing machine (which i call "my bro") and got herself a new fancy one, its called a confidence but we call her "connie"
    i know what you mean about sewing on a nice machine, your new one looks totally rad and sturdy, i'm sure it will last forever.
    i love the new heather ross too! but alas, why does it have to be so expensive!?

  2. I knowwww! Well, just after posting this, I poked around the internet some more trying to find the best prices, and I did find quite a few different prints for $8-$8.50/yard (total, after shipping), which isn't so bad, but I'm sure it will be awhile before the latest prints go down that much (if ever!).