Friday, January 8, 2010

Putting my stamp(s) on the new year!

Okay, dorky title, I know. And I'll shut up about the new year already (I feel like I'm "new year this" and "new year that" on this blog lately, but I really don't talk like that all the time, sincerely!). Anyway, yesterday I stamped these little pocket notebooks using stamps from this fantastic stamp set I got for Christmas.
Taken from old Webster's dictionaries, this set has the best little images ever--just perfect for stamps! (Don't mind the bite marks Zoë already managed to leave on them; thankfully the actual stamping parts are still perfectly intact.)
I would have a hard time picking a favorite, so I won't. I love them all. And check out this book (and latest addition to my Amazon wish list)! The blank notebooks I bought with Christmas gifts in mind but only ended up giving away a couple of them. So maybe more will be gifted next year, especially now that I have the perfect way to personalize them.


  1. i like the mushrooms. who gave those to you?

  2. I know, the mushrooms are pretty great. Ms. R. gave them to me.