Friday, February 19, 2010

First Baby Hat

I was with some fellow mamas the other day and commented on a really cute hat one of thier babies had on. We ended up turning it inside out for closer inspection, and then marvelling at the genius of the simple design. It looked to be made from one single strip cut from a cashmere sweater, folded and sewn together, and used the existing hemline for the bottom edge of the hat. I just happened to already have some moth-eaten cashmeres just waiting for a project like this.

I was able to find a section of the cashmere that was not holey, but it occured to me that had there been a hole I could have strategically placed the embellishment to hide it. The hat I modeled it after actually had three little flower shapes hanging like tassels off each top corner, which was adorable, but I opted instead for a single star anchored in place by a button. I realize now that I'm pretty sure I screwed up the seams compared with the one I was trying to copy. Mine has a side seam, but I think there's an easy way that I could've made it have a back seam instead, and I'm pretty sure that's how the other one was. But that's just me being nit-picky. I will try it with a back seam next time because it seems ideal, but I'm really happy with this one and it was just as easy as I thought it'd be. It left me instantly wanting to make more of them. I was planning on this one being my donation (finally) to the Craft Hope for Haiti Etsy shop, as promised, but it looks like I am too late. I just learned they are not taking any more donations and are soon closing shop (but only after great success!). Lame on my part. It is too small for Zoë, but I actually have three pregnant friends right now, so this hat will not be without a head for long. According to my measurements it is just about newborn+ sized. There is the small issue of what's going to happen if it's washed, and I would like it to be machine-washable. The cashmere I cut it from I already put through a hot wash cycle and machine dried it on high, so I think the hat will keep its shape fine, but the star might curl and fray a bit. I will probably run it through the wash myself just to see, and maybe stitch down the star a bit more if need be, before giving it away. One more consideration: I meant it as a boy's hat, but after a certain comment to the contrary now I am not so sure. Any thoughts?


  1. wow- that turned out super cute!

    i think it could work for a boy or girl.

  2. Yay, a response! Thanks Josy! I think I agree, boy or girl. Although I have to say, I did notice that if you're just glancing at it, it actually looks kinda like a flower, like a pointed petal kind. It's definitely one of those items of baby clothing that will leave strangers guessing, assuming baby is clothed and the rest of the outfit doesn't give it away.

  3. It could be for a metroxsexual boy baby.
    Cousin Lisa

  4. IT is adorable I love it great job lady...and when they are that little it could be for is too cute to care

  5. Thanks Belle! I like that little profile pic, by the way, very neat/cute.