Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In Lieu of Cake

Lemon panna cotta from Enoteca. Perfectly sweet, perfectly lemony, and oh so perfectly smooth. Happy Birthday to me! I'm not alone in my obsession with this dessert, and am also not the only one who its inspired to try making it at home. But, alas, in each of our efforts the perfection of this particular panna cotta has eluded us. When I was picking this up today I tried to kind of casually inquire about what's in it, and to my surprise the counter guy just pulled out a piece of paper that had all the ingredients listed and showed it to me (!). I guess it's not quite the guarded information I thought it might be. Of course without the exact amounts and specific directions I'm still largely in the dark, but this is a very good start. More recipe attempts will commence following the completion of my resolutions (which, yes, I broke today with the panna cotta, and I must admit I've actually broken each resolution exactly one time already, but hey, I'm doing pretty good overall and I'm already almost halfway through. Small type=sheepish.).


  1. happy happy birthday!!I can finally comment on here!!@!!!!! I just had to change browsers so look out lady here comes feed back . I am here all the time. just lurking. I love Enoteca/ vespaio it has been too long though...speaking of too long lets go somewhere together with babes

  2. Okay, seriously belated reply here (this comment was hiding from me, I swear!) but thank you for the B-day wishes! And I'm glad you got the comment thing figured out! Now you just need to help me figure out how to keep track of mine...I actually have been meaning to ask you about it since you also use Blogger, so remind me next time we meet. It's been awhile, hope you and the family are doing great!