Thursday, February 4, 2010

Nothing says I Love You like ugly burnt candy.

I'm not sure where I went wrong, but my suspicion lies with the pot I used. Although it's not the lightest-weight pot ever, I don't think it's quite "heavy-bottomed" either. So I think that's a good candidate for the culprit. Or maybe it was that I subbed sucanat for white sugar, but I can't imagine why that would cause burning. Or maybe the recipe stinks (I'll admit I was a little leery of the source), and I should have been stirring it more as it was cooking. But I was eager to make these and didn't have the rice syrup on hand I would have needed for David Lebovitz's recipe. Having a tolerance for burnt flavor and being the caramel candy lover that I am, I've been munching away at these regardless, so it wasn't a total loss (I should say crunching, really, as they are a little on the hard side). But my vision of cute little wrapped caramel candies adorned with dainty, decorative Valentine hearts is dashed for now. This is not a candy for giving. Oh well.

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