Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is a Waldorf gnome I just finished up making. It pretty well represents the extent of my aptitude and attention span for knitting.

I learned how to make these years ago from my mom and a pattern I've since misplaced. Some of it I remember and the rest I improvised. I never add eyes and a mouth but sometimes debate doing them in my head. I'm so used to looking at these gnomes this way, with little blank faces, that they look completely normal to me, but to someone not used to eyeless dolls it might look strange. There's actually a nice theory explaining the simplicity of Waldorf dolls—that a child will use his own creativity to fill in the details (or something along those lines). My mom often adds beard and hair to hers, which is cute.


  1. adorable! i just love gnomes. a few years ago i got together with some local waldorf moms for a craft night. we sewed simple little babies using soft velour and wool stuffing. in the waldorf tradition, we left the faces blank, but my son (two or three at the time) freaked out and insisted i draw a face on the doll. suffice it to say, this and other experiences, made me realize the waldorf approach probably wasn't the best for our children.

  2. that's cute stuff!!! my focus on knitting or crocheting is pretty much shot, but i may try to make something similar with the loads of fabric i have wandering around my space :)

  3. Thank you both! Molly--Ha! I can totally see a little one reacting that way, how funny. And nerdy squirel--let me know if you ever do! (Or already have! I realize this reply is way more than just a little tardy; sorry about that!)