Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yoyo Hair Pins

I made my first few fabric yoyos awhile ago, after watching that one season of Project Runway with the contestant who yoyo'd everything. I can relate, because after making a handful more the other day now I want to yoyo everything, too. So I started with these bobby pins.

To make them, I just snipped two tiny holes through the fabric on the underside of the yoyo (there's a good yoyo tutorial here), then slid it onto a bobby pin, like so:

Super easy. They do lack a "finished" feel—as they are the yoyo is liable to slip off the pin if it's floating around in a purse or pocket, and you kind of have to hold the yoyo in place on the pin when you're putting it in your hair—but if it's just for me I'm okay with them as-is, and once they're secured in your hair the yoyo really stays put. The whole pin would have to come off your head before the yoyo can slide off. And you know how bobby pins often get over-opened and lose thier grip? Well, with this attachment method vs. a more permanant one (i.e., glue) you can easily just switch to a new bobby pin whenever.

But, if something more finished-seeming is desired, like for giving or selling, another option would be to switch out the bobby pin for this hair clip style, which more easily lends itself to glueing:

I didn't actually glue these ones in place, but you get the idea. And I'm pretty confident they'd just glue right on and stay put.

I also think the yoyos would look really cute with a button affixed in the center of them. If you use smaller, more closely spaced stitches, the fabric won't gather up all the way to the middle, and you'll wind up with an opening in the center of the yoyo, allowing the perfect space to fit a button. I think I'll try that next.

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