Saturday, May 1, 2010

Buried Treasure

There's this spot on the greenbelt here in Austin where you can find buried glass bottles. I'd been once before, sometime in high school, and just went back again the other day.

Most of these are from the first time I went, which resulted in a much larger yield. I think I probably spent more time on the first trip, but also I'm sure the area has been further looted countless times in the past ten years. We still turned up plenty, though, without too much effort.

I guess it used to be a trash dump site but now it's just an anonymous patch of the greenbelt, set apart only by all the broken glass pieces littering the ground's surface. The uneven terrain and uncleared growth made it pretty awkward digging around, but it was so fun. Each good find renewed the desire to dig more, and made it easy to ignore itching mosquito bites and stinging scratches.

I'd like to clean the bottles better but am not sure how (soaking in Coca-Cola comes to mind as a possibility, following recent discussions about it's very corrosive effects). And then to find good uses for them all. This tiny one I glued a magnet to the back of and made it a fridge door vase. The first couple tries the glue didn't hold, but this time is successful so far.

Update: Another photo:


  1. Cute! I like how the refrigerator magnet vase turned out.

  2. Thanks! I just added another photo of it, with a more appropriately-shaped flower.