Thursday, May 20, 2010

Homemade Homemade-Peanut-Butter Cookies

Behold—peanut butter cookies from homemade peanut butter!

In my peanut butter cookie recipe Google-ings, just prior to making these, I kept coming across mentions of the Fannie Farmer peanut butter cookie recipe, so that's the one I went with (or, tried to, anyway--the recipe's lack of specifics plus the mispelling of "Fannie" did have me questioning its authenticity, but no matter, cause the cookies turned out really well). I was very nearly deterred from making them when I discovered the peanut butter jar was almost empty, but I did happen to have plenty of dry roasted peanuts on hand and realized I could probably just make my own PB in the food processor. So that's what I did and it was super easy. I did need to add a tiny bit of oil (I used coconut, melted) to keep things moving as it was grinding, but aside from that I just dumped in the peanuts, pressed the button, and, voila! Peanut butter!

Not perfectly smooth, but that was okay with me and the texture worked fine in the cookies. I should mention that the peanuts I used were labeled as "salted," however they were only very lightly salted. I think next time I will try using unsalted peanuts and then figuring out a measurement of extra salt to add in, just for the sake of exacting the recipe. Aside from using homemade peanut butter, here are the other changes I made: 1) Subbing both the white and brown sugars for sucanat (which I ground in a coffee grinder to get it nice and fine, and which I am now back to calling sucanat after realizing that the term "evaporated cane juice" can actually apply to almost-white—like,off-white—sugar). 2) Forgetting Leaving out the vanilla (which I will add next time). 3) Subbing regular white flour for white whole wheat flour. Also, I doubled the recipe, so now I have like fifty cookies. Yay! This recipe is definitely a keeper. One more note about it: I found the batter to be far too sticky for fork marks, so I skipped that part.

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