Monday, June 28, 2010

House Plants - A Round-Up

This succulent assortment was actually a gift for a friend, so it only spent a couple weeks hanging out on our window sill before it moved on to its new home.

"String of pearls," another succulent variety. I've always loved these from afar and recently finally got one in my clutches.

I love that little clay mushroom dearly (as I do all my ceramic mushrooms). First there was one, then there were two, and now I can't stop collecting them! Excepting the first, they're all from the same local potter who often has a booth at the Barton Creek Farmers Market.

This spider plant came with us all the way from Portland, and I recently stuck it in a vinyl record bowl I got free at a yard sale. It hasn't grown much, if at all, in the few years that we've had it, but it keeps on truckin'.

Next up, orchids, which never fail to amaze.

This plant is actually also not with us anymore. It was on loan only and has since been swapped out for a white one (which is also lovely, but not as unique as this particular one).

And, lastly, this little succulent grouping which I've had since April. It was actually a wedding decoration leftover that the bride and groom sweetly brought me (the round thing is the top of another little mushroom!).

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