Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Octopuses (Apron #2)

(My head was not feeling a Kodak moment.) This apron, like the last, is also a gift (which I might be ruining the surprise of right now).

I just finished it up and am really happy with the outcome. (Or did I? I was originally planning to put something on the bib—a pocket or applique from the same octopus fabric. But then I got to this point and think I might prefer it as-is. What do you think? Should I go further with this? Anyone?) The solid fabric is a linen/rayon blend, and the patterned is cotton quilting fabric (another from Heather Ross's Mendocino collection). I made up the pattern using a vintage apron as a guideline, and it all came together really well. The stitching looks really nice and consistent (with just a couple tiny iffy spots), the fit is good and it's all quite symmetrical, and there are no exposed raw edges, even on the inside, which is nice. Making this apron really made me want to make one for myself already. Although I've been fantasizing about a dress, too, which just might have to come first. Oh, or a purse! (And the list goes on...) I'm so glad I've been sewing more lately. I feel like I'd been talking/thinking about it forever, and now I'm finally making some headway. Each project I've been working on I learn a little more, and feel just that much more prepared for the next. It really is sew fun and rewarding!


  1. I like it how it is. I like the clean top, but if you were feeling like you needed to tie in the octopus fabric up top, I'd say it might look nice to have the neck ties out of that instead of the linen. But I don't even think that's necessary--like i said, it looks great!

    I've been wanting to make an apron myself, but it's very low on my list of projects since I already have one from Anthropologie that I use. Seeing yours though makes me want to make one...

  2. No way I'm going back and changing them now, but I think you're right about the neck ties. It seems to keep a nice consistency having the ties the same. Thanks for weighing in! The lazy part of me would really like to just call this finished and get it to its recipient.