Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ice Cream!

Ironically, neither Henry (Enrique) nor myself can really eat ice cream at the moment because we're both on a cleansing diet for the whole month of August. But some weeks ago, the ice cream maker was in heavy rotation. There was Mint Chip ice cream.


Once was with fresh peppermint and dark chocolate, and the other, spearmint and milk chocolate. I enjoyed both thoroughly (Henry has a mint aversion). The mintyness was unlike anything I've ever tasted in ice cream before. It tasted just like fresh mint smells. After the mints, next came one Henry could enjoy—Double Vanilla Cinnamon Graham Cracker.

This flavor was inspired by one of Henry's Amy's Ice Cream favorites—Mexican Vanilla with cinnamon and graham crackers crushed in. I love, love, love how easy it is to just make up your own ice cream recipes. It is pretty difficult to get a bad outcome.

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