Monday, January 31, 2011


Ever since a friend made Zoë some adorable bloomers I've wanted to make some, too. And I finally did! These I'm putting up for sale in the shop, but I have plans to make many more, atleast a couple of which will find their way to Zoë's dresser in time for the upcoming warmer months (although, let's face it, she'll undoubtedly be donning her birthday suit most of those months).

About the rat: I tried for the bunny. But she really likes this plastic rat she found in my mom's pest control office. She even has a fondness for real ones. Enrique recently found a dead rat under our porch and, when trying to dispose of it, was met with Zoë's protests of "But it's so cute!" She also took a liking to a dead lizard this week and was carrying it around with her all over the house. It was a bit disconcerting. At one point I attempted to move it off the rocking chair and outside and so I picked it up by the tail with a clothes pin, to avoid actually touching it of course, but that treatment was not met with approval. Oh! I'm suddenly reminded of this little tale, which I enjoyed very much but had nearly forgotten about. Anyway, back to bloomers.

I used a vintage Simplicity pattern that came from that same friend mentioned earlier, and although they took me a little bit of time, they came together quite easily.

I added a matching top to make a set for the shop because they felt a little incomplete without it, but I really like them on their own as well, with a mismatched top. I almost exclusively see bloomers as part of a dress set, but personally I think they make the best and cutest shorts ever, and that's how they function in these outfits.

Here's a second pair + top I made (well, did not make the top really, but you know what I mean). I really love this fabric. I also made a baby blanket with it, which will be added to the shop as well (sometime today or tomorrow).

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