Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Nov/Dec 2011 + More 2012 Family Portrait Day

More rain.  Ahhh...

Goodbye bassinet, hello mini crib. (I didn't know about these, the "mini" ones I mean, 'til just recently.  It's plenty big for naps and such yet small enough to easily wheel all over the house and porch even.  Love!)

Rock sandwich.

Mother-daughter collaborative art. Zoë loves drawing balloons and rainbows.  Above she's working on "a rainbow with lots of legs."

(Below) One of only a few shots I got where you can tell that it's Christmas time.  Of course it crossed my mind to take pictures Christmas morning, but I just wanted to enjoy the day without sharing my focus with a camera (focus! ha!).
(Below) Zoë's room, now officially (maybe more on what that means later). 

(Below) Neighbor's chickens.

(Below) Some outtakes from our now annual family portrait session (usually it's a Christmas portrait but it got bumped to January this time around so we did a New Year theme instead).


I think that last group one will be the keeper. It was actually the first one we took.  And to think, we could've just stopped then, before the adults wanted to stab eachother's eyes out! ('Twas a tad stressful, doing the group photo thing.)

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