Wednesday, June 27, 2012

We made vanilla extract today.

Using this recipe (again), but adjusted for an entire 1.75 liters alcohol (vodka).  It came to ten vanilla beans, in case you'll also be making a half-gallon vanilla extract.  Zoe helped me make it then decorated the bottle with rainbows. We'll be giving it to her Granny (my mom), as it was made per her request.

Afterwards, we counted out piles of clothes pins on the dining room table, ten to each pile, til we had ten piles, so I could show her what one hundred looks like.  Then that got boring, so we got drunk on the vanilla extract.


Monday, June 25, 2012

June - I

I've decided to try to update this blog more often.  My goal is weekly and generally on the same day (I'm thinking Monday).  These are my June photos thus far, and I'll try to add more again in about a week, and then keep updates closer to weekly from there on out.

At a friend's house.  Zoe loves kitties, and most other animals.

Beautiful swim spot in the hill country that our friends took us to (Burnet Ranches, about 50 miles outside Austin).

Albeit a bit treachorous navigating for us city folk [note my mom flailing around (below) in an attempt to float across because the current and rocky river bed was tricky for us to manage on foot].

Me and Neva.

My friend's boy (above) and one of her girls (below).  Two and four years of age, and they took the current and rockiness like it was nothin' (they do live in the area, so that helps).  

Zinnias and sunflowers blooming back at home.

Zoe at the park with a friend, jumping and toys-as-projectiles.

Cutting butter with dad and melting it for popcorn.

Enjoying a hibiscus-mint popsicle at the farmers market.

Enjoying squirting my head with a spray bottle.


From the garden.

Deep Eddy Pool.

Neva in my aunt's front yard.

Laughing hysterically.


Zoe feeding sister a pepperoni.


Hanging out on our front porch.

Hamilton Pool (also about 50 miles outside Austin).

For Father's Day.

The Zoo.

I forgot how impressive peacocks are.

Yikes!  He looks ready to murder me.  I ran away after taking this shot.

Feeding the goats.

Reptile room.

Zoe was surprisingly fearless of the cold-blooded creepy critters.

We saw a real bear, too.  It was the only animal of which Zoe seemed especially wary.

On the other hand, she loved the tigers.

Another garden bouquet.

Butterfly wings a kindly friend made for Zoe (and Neva, too, although she tears them right off!).

Onward ho!

"Splash pad" at the park.  Thank goodness they have these around town to ease the summer heat.


A friend's lovely newly opened bakery in New Braunfels (again, about 50 miles outside Austin).

Blowing dandelions.

Enjoying the new layout of Thai Fresh cafe.

Parent/child swim lessons at the YMCA.  Turns out Zoe prefers less structured swimming (which is fine by me, and easier to accomodate than lessons!).

More sleeping.

That's it!  See you again in about a week.