Wednesday, June 13, 2012

May Photos + Upcoming Birthdays

With both Zoe and Neva's birthdays just around the corner, I put together a wish list for each of them (Zoe's is here and Neva's here).  Art supplies are always appreciated and used and Zoe loves all things animal lately, with a preference for the realistic-looking (my only request is non-toxic for the art supplies and nothing that smells chemical-y stinky like some plastic toys do, as Neva gnaws on nearly everything in our house.  I'm familar with the options I put on Zoe's wish list and they are fine.  Any stuffed animal should be okay, too).  I also included some toys of Zoe's favorite TV show characters, which would probably be a big hit with her.  As for what Neva likes, she is interested in just about everything, and has a particular fondness for Zoe's baby doll.  I just put some ideas for her that I thought would be good (and safe, considering the gnaw factor). 

A note to any local friends who may be reading:  We're not doing any Birthday parties this year, just a little celebration with family, so getting gifts for my kids is extremely optional!  It always is, of course, but just wanted to let you know the particulars so you know there's not a party to prepare for : )

Neva with my friend Natalie's little boy, Oskar, eating corn-on-the-cob.

Sunday brunch at Ruta Maya coffee house.

Neva's favorite toy.

Zoe and Neva "Eastering," as Zoe calls it.

Watering the zinnias (and a few sunflowers and coral vine in the back of the bed).

Aquarium at the Austin Children's Museum.

More museum...

Working on the soon-to-be veggie garden in the back yard (the plot is over by the wheel barrow).

Morning sisters.

Zoe helping cut back the partly hacked down mulberry tree.

Bath time.

Front yard sittin'.

Glitter glue.

New shelf in Zoe's room (thanks N!), perfect for her little animals (her favorite toys).

Deep Eddy Pool. It's a perfectly cool spring-fed pool that's just minutes from our house.  And here it is, newly renovated and nicer than ever. 

Post-swim pit stop at the playground right next to Deep Eddy.

View facing towards Town Lake (which is just past that first clump of trees).

Neva's first time down a slide on her own was moments before this.  She was fearless!  And wisely went belly-down.

Then Zoe took Neva down with her.  I was nervous!  But am glad I restrained myself from intervening.  Click the video to watch.

Wish you could hear more of Zoe and less of me.  On the way back up the slide, she says "Neva's so good at climbing!  She's like a red-eyed tree frog."

"The Roost," my neighbor Kate's house set up as a gallery displaying her art for the West Austin Studio Tour.

Zoe's first photo (self-portrait).  I'd like to get something like this so I can give her more free reign with a camera (and take underwater shots)!

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