Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Blog

So I have a new blog, Chou Lune (French for "Cabbage Moon"), which can be found here.  I'll still carry on with posting photos on Cabbage Moon as I have been, while Chou Lune will take a slightly different direction although will likely share some of the same photos.  The description of Chou Lune, as I just posted it there:
I've created "Chou Lune" with a few different but related goals in mind. For one, I want a place to log and share some of the highlights of my and my family's life, from things we do and trips we take to things we like and stuff we make(!). I also want a place to talk about parenting and education, and connect with interested others on these topics (like those dear friends of mine who are spread so far and wide these days!).

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