Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Note to self: Lighten UP!

Things have been kind of hairy with Zoe lately, and I think a lot of it is coming from my own recent shortcomings as a parent/person.  Not to say I suck completely, I really don't, but the past few months have just been kinda rough for the whole family, and I think we're all feeling it and it's distracted us from our relationships with each other and all the goodness that is there.  There's been an unusual amount of turmoil, upset, and arguments, and the discord is taking its toll.  Only Neva seems unscathed.  Despite my strong commitment to respecting my (and other) kids as people, too often lately I've found myself in witchy-mom mode, feeling intolerant and overwhelmed and acting harshly.  I sometimes feel guilty when this happens, but mostly I just feel complete and utter failing and disappointment.  I don't mean to get all heavy, that is a huge part of the problem lately, all the heaviness and seriousness.  And what makes matters really unbearable is that I know  there are better ways.  I know because I've found them and used them before, and the outcome is so, so much better, for everyone.  Shiny happy people holding hands.  Which is why I decided to order this book.

I haven't really liked many parenting books thus far, and I've browsed quite a few, but I have high hopes for this one.  I've been in a funk and I'm hoping reading this will help me to loosen my tension and shake myself out of it.  I'll get back to you on it once I have something to report.

Update 3/27/2014(?! Wow, almost 2 years since I wrote this post!):  This book was just so-so for me.  I did not read it cover to cover, just flipped through it quite a few times and read what piqued my interest.  It's been on the book shelf, untouched, for a long time now. 

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