Sunday, June 10, 2012

Why "Chou Lune" ?

Why that name?  It was suggested upon request by a friend (thank you, L!), and is French for "Cabbage Moon."  I don't yet know how to pronounce it ("shoo"?  "choo"?).  It came about because "Cabbage Moon" is the name of my other blog (named for a favorite childhood story, and the source from which some of the graphics on this page are clipped), and I was looking for something similar to be a sister blog.  It also just so happens that "chou" is a common term of endearment for children (as in, "mon petit chou", "my little cabbage"), which seems fitting for the foreseen content of this blog. Which leads me to the next question:   

Why this blog?  I've created "Chou Lune" with a few different but related goals in mind.  For one, I want a place to log and share some of the highlights of my and my family's life, from things we do and trips we take to things we like and stuff we make(!).  I also want a place to talk about parenting and education, and connect with interested others on these topics (like those dear friends of mine who are spread so far and wide these days!).

I've included some related links in the side bar to some resources that I've found valuable and are each dear to me in their own way.  These resources have meant a lot to me, some more so than others, but they have all played a role in shaping my parenthood/home education journey thus far.  They have helped me find my ground and discover my own abilities as a parent (still an ongoing process, very much so), and helped a lot to increase my confidence and integrity.  I plan on dedicating a future blog post to each link and giving more specific details of what it is I like so much about each one. 

Although these days I find myself on much firmer ground than I once was, I am still challenged greatly on a regular basis and am always striving to be better, not just as a parent but as a person, and hopefully this blog will help with that.  Sometimes just being able to ramble on about something that's on my mind helps me get more clarity on it, and I'm also looking forward to interacting with others and swapping thoughts, experiences, perspective, etc. 

About the above-mentioned Cabbage Moon:  I will still continue to update that blog as I have been, with family photos, and that is all I plan on posting there.  It's primary function has become sharing snapshots with family, especially those who don't live so close and/or don't use Facebook, and I don't want to clog the photo stream with my parenting ramblings or whatever else, which just seem off-topic for Cabbage Moon.

SO, that's it.  Welcome to Chou Lune!  Like me on Facebook!  Ha ha.


  1. Yay! Looking forward to the new blog. Very excited that the name suggestion worked out. It's been quite a long time since I've taken any French, so I'm not certain on the pronunciation either. I want to say "Shoo" is the proper way, but I could be wrong (I have a couple French friends I'll ask next time I see them).

  2. ok, cool! i was thinking "shoo" too, but then remembered i don't know french and thought "what do i know?" btw, i have a boxed up jam for you that's been waiting on me to get to the post office...