Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hula Hooping / Fish

Zoe's been interested in hula hooping lately so the other day I looked up some hula how-to videos (reason #789 of why I love the internet).

This lady is amazing.  She makes it look so ridiculously easy!

I got inspired to try to learn also so I bought myself a hoop, too.  So far, no luck.  And in a matter of days my hoop has two bends in it (children!).  Sigh.  Next time I should remember to store my hoop on the roof.

We've gone to PetCo for fun a few times recently and on a whim a few weeks ago we bought some fish there.

I knew betta fish could live without an air pump to oxygenate their water (they come to the surface to take in air), and I also knew you could only put one fish per fishbowl because otherwise they fight and kill eachother (I remember calling them "Chinese fighting fish" when I was a kid).  What I didn't know was that it's only the males who can't live together, whereas the females can safely co-habitate.  The females are not as showy as the males, but they are still pretty, and Zoe and I both preferred the idea of having atleast a few fish rather than just one.  So here is Hagical, Magical, and Bluey (and RIP Reddy, who did not last long after arrival).

I already got a nicer bowl for them (although the jar worked fine).  I'll update this post with a photo of their new home when I get a chance.

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