Friday, September 7, 2012

Sprouting + Juicing

Zoe and I recently planted wheat berries using old coconut shells for planters.

Add water and sunshine and a few days later, voila!

Wheat grass.  I wish I could say "then, we juiced it!"  It actually shrivelled up and died.  But we could have juiced it, and that would have been the smart thing to do.  We did juice though, weeks later, and sans wheat grass.  We did apple, kiwi, parsley and spinach.  An apple base plus some greenery; that basic recipe has become my favorite juice to make and drink.

I did the rinsing and chopping and Zoe did the juicing.  Neva looked on.  (Until she tired of that, at which point she screamed and pointed her way to the apples.)


Oh yeah, we also added celery.  I like to use celery or cucumber to mellow out the juice a bit, so it's not too strong.

Bottoms up!

The little people liked it, so that was good.  I really should do this juicing thing every morning.  I'm sure I said that the last time I juiced, a couple years ago now.  But really.  I should.


  1. BEAUTIFUL! We love fresh juice and are all in love with our blender. I would love a juicer to make the own juice for smoothies. What kind do you have? Looking for recommendations!

    1. we have a hand-me-down juiceman jr., which i think is on the cheaper end but does the job just fine! i do notice that it can only take so much before it gets really full of pulp and starts actually pushing little bits of pulpy stuff out into the juice, but it's not really a problem, we just drink it that way and it's fine, and especially in a smoothie you wouldn't even notice. if you start shopping around for one don't forget to look on craigslist!