Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Wish Lists

Zoe has been talking about Christmas all month long.  The trees, the ornaments, the wrapped presents, the wreaths and other decorations, "the boot that holds the gold coins made out of milk chocolate."

I usually don't start thinking about a tree or other Christmas traditions until after Thanksgiving but her enthusiasm for the holiday has us all pointing out decorations on every car ride and drawing them on paper at home, breaking out the holiday music, and decorating then re-decorating our tree, several times over now, as we repeatedly take Zoe up on her suggestion of "Let's do Christmas!"

Also in anticipation of Christmas, again this year we've made up some wish/gift idea lists on Amazon. Zoe's is here and Neva's here.

Zoe's main requests were animal books and little animals (by which she means little hard plastic animals, such as the Safari Toobs and Schleich ones on the list).  What's on her list meets some specific requests of hers (no luck with a chinchilla!) but she'd probably be quite happy with other animal related gifts, too.

Here's to a lovely Thanksgiving and a joyful, love-filled December to soon follow.  Be back soon.

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