Thursday, November 8, 2012

October (Belated)

So here are October's photos, at long last.  This part of the year, from Halloween to the new year, always rushes by so fast, jumping from one holiday to the next.  The girls' Christmas wish lists are already underway (will post soon!).

Neva watching Zoe in a downpour.

Neva being cute.

Poking the camera.

We found out it's a boy(!).

Animals books Zoe picked out from the library.

Neva and snail.


Zoe and Neva looking at this here blog.

In Marble Falls, again.

This time we visited a pumpkin farm out there.

Where we fed goats.

And went through a corn maze.

Hanging gourds. 

Feeding chickens back at home (well, at the neighbor's house).

Two little snow owls Halloweening at the farmers market.

Playground visit.

More Halloweening.

After we took these photos we went trick-or-treating at Whole Foods, which worked out awesomely. Good treats and just the right amount, the kids really enjoyed it, and nothing there that was too spooky!

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