Monday, December 17, 2012

December II

Returning library books.

"Turtle Island" (aka park by Central Market)

Zoe and I playing around with phone camera at bedtime (the flash was bright!).

Walking in our neighborhood.

Outside our first "Heart Song" class (interactive family music class--we loved it!).

Fish farm with Granny.

Photos by Zoe (taken with my phone).

Bird's nest (this started out as a wreath-making project).


We did manage one wreath, which ended up as a table center piece.

Reading about cats with Granny.


Drawings by Zoe (the first is a many-teethed face she started drawing versions of around Halloween, and the second, according to her, is possibly her dad eating a piece of milk chocolate).

"Reading" to Neva.

Zoe with all the babies of the house.

The End.

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